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V.O. (Male 67)

If you are young and feel old or old and feel your age and think there is nothing you can do about it – think again.

It is my pleasure to recommend that you contact Dr. Kerr at National Rejuvenation Centers and experience, as I did, what I consider a miracle transformation in my health, appearance and sexual potency which amazingly was achieved in only a few short months.

H.C. (male 77)

I was resigned to live out my life as a tired 77 year old man – my doctor told me I was lucky to be alive.

Thanks to Dr. Kerr at National Rejuvenation Centers, my whole live has changed from an old man to a young, vigorous man who may be old in years but in all aspects of life feels 30 years old!

S.A. (female 38)

This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! After having children, I had difficulty losing the last few pounds on my waist and thighs no matter how much I dieted or worked out. After starting treatment at National Rejuvenation Centers, my legs and waist quickly got thin and toned! In addition, I was pleasantly surprised that the fine “laugh lines” on my face disappeared and my skin feels much tighter. Best of all, I have my energy and libido back to where it was over a decade ago!

D.R. (male 42)

I have been working out and health conscious as long as I can remember. The last few years, however, people still viewed me as in shape, but I knew there was a difference. I was no longer able to get rid of the few pounds of belly fat after the holidays, and my energy would crash later in the afternoon. To make matters worse, I was getting more frequent injuries and my joints were hurting. At my consultation at the National Rejuvenation Centers, I found out the reasons why I was feeling the way I did and started my treatment. In a little over a month, my energy was back and my soreness was gone. My work outs were amazingly productive again, and I finally got my “six-pack” back! If you are my age and have similar issues, this is definitely something you have to do!

Robert C.

Dr. Kerr’s knowledge and expertise in anti-aging and hormone rejuvenation is extraordinary. He does an excellent job coaching diet, nutrition and hormone imbalances as inter-related therapies. His treatment and consults have caused me to have increased energy stamina, and good mood. I feel 15 years younger and feel great.

Thank you Dr. Kerr.

Kathryn M.

Dr. Kerr has been very helpful in tailoring a program around my needs and goals. He is always extra-informative, answers all questions that I ask. I have already seen a change in my body and mind. I would recommend Dr. Kerr to everyone!


OMG – I have never felt better. I have lost weight naturally and kept it off.
Most of all, my whole outlook on life and my every day mood is great. No more hot flashes, no more mood swings. I love life again and have as much energy as I did before menopause.


Pamela C.

I would highly recommend the office of Dr. Kerr. He has introduced a new way of thinking eating, exercise…. That I plan on using on a daily basis. Through his treatment plan, I have lost 20+ pounds, 1 ½ inches in my waist/hips, sleep better, more energy, increased sex drive – unbelievable!
Thank you, Dr. Kerr.


Dr. Kerr is sincerely motivated to help his patients. I have been seeing him for seven months. I am 50 years old and thought I would have to continue along always feeling tired even though I’ve had eight hours of sleep. Since taking the bio-identical hormones, I am getting quality nights of sleep. I’m no longer sluggish in body and cloudy in memory and quick thinking. This is a “gift of life” everyone deserves.

Dean B.

In training over the course of my lifetime, I finally came to a point that mother nature was not cooperating. No matter how I trained, what I worked for was slipping away. After starting with NRC my workouts became consistently better. My overall feeling of well-being returned. At 55, I am now working out and recovering like I am 30 again. “I will not go quietly into the night!”
Thanks NRC!

Ellen F.

Dr. Kerr changed my life. I will never forget the day I started my hormones. I had been to several doctors without help or understanding and Dr. Kerr got to the root of the problem. My anxiety, depression and other symptoms have completely stopped. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Eric R.

I really do appreciate the concerns the NRC staff has taken in my many health issues, from outside the scope of hormone therapy. I definitely feel in good hands. My strength and energy levels have definitely elevated. I recommend NRC and hormone therapy to everyone.

Freddie P.

I’ve been doing Dr. Kerr’s program for 4-5 months; I have never felt better, more energy, more active. I would recommend the program to anyone that doesn’t look or feel the way they want!! Thank you to everyone at NRC. Always pleasant and fun to see.

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